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I am trying to find other people being ripped off by National City Mortgage. My husband and I have been getting jerked around for the past year.

The jest of our story is that we got one payment behind due to a medical issue with our daughter. Since they couldn't accept any other than the FULL amt due, we had to wait four months, making no payments, for them to twiddle their thumbs and come up with a "repayment plan."

One payment, by the time they came up with the numbers, was almost five months. We had contacted the veterans affairs office EARLY in the process - because my husband is one of probably thousands of veterans to be victimized by National City - and they had laid out a plan and were waiting for confirmation it had been received by the lender.

Being the dysfunctional bunch of pee brains they are, the lender started the process over. Long story short, we've been on two "forebearance" plans and paid our mortgage monthly for the past year but no payments are showing as payments since we now have to pay a $3,000 attorney fee that the V.A. confirmed with national city that we would NOT have to pay.

Last month, the renewal for yet another forbearance plan said send $1060 to an attorney by August 15. We did. They got it at 9am. We even paid $10 extra to UPS to send the check by morning of Aug15 instead of early afternoon. Didn't want to take any chances.

Since the attorney didn't send the payment until the 21st, (they don't know when they got it, gee golly!) and even tho we have a UPS receipt, they're starting a new game of "lets-***-the-customer" and now they say we might face foreclosure unless the VA intervenes and someone validates the fact we kept the agreement they laid out. WTF??

Its been a nightmare. Because of ONE payment, we're now in a big mess, likely with our credit trashed because of their bad record keeping and the constant changes in agreements made... we're just along for the ride but we're VERY close to telling them to shove this house where the sun doesn't shine.

All we want is to make our payment and it seems like that's impossible.

We're close to seeing a payment increase with the adjustable rate we got offered so I would imagine that's the next big surprise - doubling of our payment.

We very much want to get away from National City and would like a fixed rate but they've trashed our credit by taking us through this process-someone-to-death cat and mouse game. One payment behind and now our credit reflects 7 months delinquint. WHy? Because payments made in "foreberance" don't post to the account. It gets put in a holding account.

The system is set up to prevent people from keeping their houses and no one cares enough to stop them. If anyone else is having similar issues, email me at dob522 @ charter . net

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I to am having problems with NCM. I dont want to discuss too in depth on here.

But they are very shady and crooked! my email is


i hate National City they took my home 6 years ago after all the run around and lies that they made up telling that they did not receive all my paper work and they would not take partial payments and when u ask for a hardship they make your payment higher after all the fees I hope that they rot in hello


I recently had to short sell my house. I built it myself with a loan from NCM.

Because of politics and a wild fire in the area I was 2 months late in finishing it.

After almost 2 months of no contact with them they decided that they would not honor the 5 year arm I contracted with them ( because I was late in finishing the house) They would only give me a 2 year ballon loan on a house that lost 30-40% of the loan value no one would touch me on a refi. I tried to work something out with them ( Considering PNC Bank bought NCM for 10 cents on the dollar approx.) my house was worth only 100k or so to them, do you think they would do anything to help ( NO )

Let's all get this straight - they have no ambition to help you, they want to make bank - every house they short sell or forclose on - they still make lots of money on - the tax payers funded the takeover of NCM by PNC - the still made 400k cash and got to write off the differance on their taxes - I lost every penny and a year building it (sweat equity)


We have faxed our Property Tax statements to them as well as our Home Owners Insurance statement so they can be paid from our Escrow. BOTH times they were late paying them , and we received notices, the last one being today, 10/17 For our Homeowners Insurance.

We faxed the Info to them a month and a half ago, and I received a statement from my Homeowners insurance stating it was not paid.

I called them and they told me they received the payment today, 10/17 This is a joke. If I sent my mortgage payment to them a month and a half late, what do you think they would do?

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